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The Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google

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Research carried out by Maple Furniture has found that in the UK, wardrobes are the most searched for type of furniture, with 301,000 searches per month.

Their infographic provides a snapshot of the Top 15 most popular furniture pieces searched online, ordered by the estimated volume of monthly searches.

Perhaps surprisingly, armchairs came in 15th place, with approximately 90,000 searches. It's hard to know whether this is because armchairs have declined in popularity, or whether this result is more to do with online search behaviours – for example, people searching for “chairs” rather than searching specifically for “armchairs.”

The research also shows that, at present, there is a lot of interest in grey sofas online. The ongoing popularity of grey in interior design seems to suggest that it's a great year-round neutral colour. Why? Well, from the deep, cold greys often favoured in winter, to lighter greys and blue-greys in the summer, grey never fails to add a dash of timeless cool to any decor.

*Figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest 100.

Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google

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