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Why You Need to Clean Your Home Workplace

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Home workspaces are the ideal place for bacteria to grow. Most people eat at their desks and the workspace is rarely cleaned properly. Keyboards are the filthiest place in the home with 3.5 million germs per square inch, even more than a toilet. Food particles dropped and lodged between keys encourage bacteria growth.

Maintaining a clean workspace is essential for health and productivity. Alarmingly, 89% of workers do not clean their desk properly while 38% will only do a ‘quick clean’. The consequences are significant. A survey found that 68% of sick leave is caused by poor working hygiene and 95% of sick leave was from minor illnesses.

To help you get your workstation back in shape, TidyChoice’s infographic ’Why you need to clean your home workplace’’ presents top tips on cleaning your home workplace.

Why You Need to Clean Your Home Workplace

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